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Archive 81

Aug 10, 2016

Episode 10 has just been released and with that, the first season of Archive 81 is over. First of all... thank you. Thank you all so much for listening, for the kind words and reviews, and for emailing us your conspiracy theories about the Visser building. It all means a lot to us and we couldn’t have crafted this weird and wonderful tale without you. Right now, we're hard at on Season 2 of Archive 81, which will come out towards the end of the year. But to tide you over until then, we have a brand new audio drama podcast coming out in just two weeks. It’s called The Deep Vault, and it’s a sci-fi adventure story featuring robots, gunslingers, the apocalypse and more. You can subscribe to it RIGHT NOW by searching for it on iTunes, or wherever you download podcasts. To learn more about it, follow us on Twitter @thedeepvault, visit our website, or check out our The Deep Vault Facebook page. The teaser is up now, so take a listen. And if you feel so inclined, give The Deep Vault a review on iTunes. It really helps. Until Season 2. Remember, record everything.