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Archive 81

Mar 29, 2017

So... due to illness our regularly scheduled episode is delayed. BUT, never fear, we'll have it to you on Saturday, April 1st. AND, because we feel bad about this, we have two very special surprises for you. The first is episode 1 of Transmission, which is an audio drama that Dan and I worked on together in college. I think we’ve grown a lot as producers and writers since we released this, but it’s still really fun. And if you listen to the episode and just have to know what happens… the full run of the show is available exclusively to our Patreon backers. Go to, donate, and listen to all ten episodes! After that, we have the original version of Lights You Can’t See, the song from episode 6, this time with Dan’s vocals. We hope you enjoy it. Once again, sorry about the delay, and thanks for all the support!